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What is Eghra 24?


Eghra 24 is an interactive quran app. It utilizes speech recognition technology to help user with his reading profociency.
Eghra 24 can also use this technology to help user memorize verses of Quran.
One of most intresting advantages of Eghra 24 is you can do all of this OFFLINE. which means after downloading the assets you'd like to use you can use them while you are not connected to the internet.
Eghra 24 also has different translations of Quran which also can work offline. You can download all of Quran or select specific Suras from application to download. All download procedure is automated within the app and no manual downloading from web is required!

Special features

Word analisys

You can analyse meaning of every word in Quran just by long press on it


More than 40 languages of translations by known masters

Speech Recognition

Using offline speech recognition technology, Eghra 24 can help you with reading proficiency

Multilingual interface

Eghra 24 user interface supports English, Arabic, Persian languages

Compatible systems


Every android based device with android version 2 and higher is supported!

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iOS (iPhone, iPod, iPad)

Every apple device with iOS 7 and higher is supported!

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More Features

Reading Quran

Playback quran reading with more than 10 readers (Qari)


Ability to search in quran text and translations

Reading Test

Test your reading with offline Speech recognition technology


Translation to more than 40 languages from known translators

Memorizing Test

Using speech recognition, Helps with memorization of quran

Multi playback

e.g: Play English translation of verses after Arabic or vice versa

Select Qari

Select reader of Quran (Qari) and playback on any suras.

Phonetic transcription

View Phonetic transcription of any arabic text of quran.

Final word

Eghra 24 is an intelligent mobile Quran app full of educational and reasearchable resources with user-friendly interface and ease of use for everyone.
You may start learning basics of quran and research around it, Or even if you are a Muslim you can use it to help your reding proficiency and know more about real Islam and Quran.
With Eghra 24 you can even share verses of quran with your friends and family throw the social network of your choice.

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